Courses - A Levels (Edexcel and Cambridge)

BSL has the highest number of students pursuing the Advanced Level (A-Level) course in Law under Edexcel International and Cambridge syllabus. BSL offers two A – Level subjects - Law and Government & Politics (GP). BSL can proudly claim that they have the best faculties and educational material for both of these subjects. Pursuing A-Levels in Law widens up opportunities for students intending to study LLB (Hons) under UK Universities, thus paving the way for becoming successful Solicitors and Barristers. Occasionally, some new courses will also be introduced.

Entry Requirements for A-Levels

A student may take A-Levels if he or she has:
o          Completed Ordinary Level (O-Levels) or any Equivalent Course
o          Completed SSC or HSC or any Equivalent Course or,
o          Completed any other High School Degree