Why study at BSL?

Good Location

The college's only campus is at Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, All classroom teaching now takes place at campus. BSL is located in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone which is within 15 minutes walk from Gulshan 2 circle. The area is a suburb of North-East Dhaka.

Academic Friendly Environment

Our campus is adequately furnished, and includes wall-to-wall carpeting and wooden floor, which gives the College a pleasing Victorian aura. The lecture rooms are well lit and Air conditioned.

Free Computer & Internet Facilities

BSL provides WIFI and fully networked computer and internet facilities for the use of our students as an integral part of our Learning Resource Centre at our Campus.

Photocopying Facilities

With the exception of copying from textbooks, subsidised photocopying facilities are also provided for all our students with respect to lecture handouts.

Resource Centre

BSL has its own Learning Resource Centre/Reading Room facilities which contain a collection of the All England Law Reports, as well as other books, journals and magazines. The main collection of recommended textbooks are kept in the General Office, which are made available to students, either for reference purposes or to be loaned out to them for a period of one week at a time. In addition, our students have access to two local Libraries (Wealdstone Library and Harrow Civic Centre Library), whilst our law students have additional access to the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) of University of London International Programmes. The VLE provides access to LexisNexis and Westlaw, which contain several Law Reports, Publications and Law Journals.

Excellent Tuition

We offer classroom tuition support and seminars that are based on the syllabuses of the University of London International Programmes. Our lecturers are experienced in dealing with the needs and demands of all our students at every level. We provide our very own lecture notes for every chapters to aid students to cope up with their learning effectively.

Additional Tuition Support

Class Tutorials are provided for first year, second year and final year law students. Student Mentor/Personal Tutor scheme is available to our students at every level. Additional Learning Skills for Law classes are provided for all first year students. Moot Court and visits to High Courts Justice are undertaking by law students at least once during an academic session. Whiteboard, an online resource which enables communication between our staff, lecturers and students and also provides access to lecturers' notes for missed classes is available to all our students and can accessed from our college website.

Registered Centre Status of the University of London

BSL is currently one of only six colleges in Bangladesh that has been awarded the Registered Centre Status by the University of London International Programmes in recognition of the level of commitment and support the college provides in delivering the University of London International Programmes.

Diploma Teaching Status of the University of London for the Diploma in Law Course

BSL has permission from the University of London to teach for the Diploma in Law of University of London International Programmes. This provides BSL with the opportunity to enrol those students who may not have had the chance to meet the entry requirements to join the LLB Degree in the first instance.

Competent and Friendly Lecturers

At BSL, you will find a friendly atmosphere with a group of highly qualified lecturers, who quickly get to know their students and provide genuine helpful assistance. The doors of the faculties are always open for the students and are allowed to communicate with lecturers regarding their lectures.